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Questions and answers regarding IT Business Analytics certification and preparatory course:

1.Question: What does CPRE IREB mean?

Answer: The Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Certified Professional to work with requirements within IT development.

2. Question: Who is a Requirements Engineer?

Answer: a role in a company that is engaged to identifiy, analyze, specify and manage requirements within IT development process. The Key person in communication between customers and development teams.

3.Question: Who does CPRE IREB certification apply to?

Answer: for people who are already engaged in IT Business Analysis or planning to switch in order to gain or structure their knowledge and practical skills.

4. Question: What is the certification preparation course for?

Answer: In order to speed up preparation for certification and pass the exam on the first attempt, since each attempt costs $190 +/-, as well as to improve understanding of approaches to working with requirements.

5. Question: How long does it take to prepare for the exam?

Answer: It depends on the perception level of participant. If you take the preparation training course, the the  period might be 1-2 weeks.

6. Question: What will be in the exam preparation course?

Answer: The training course covers all the modules that must be mastered to successfully pass the exam + test questions + homework to practice techniques.

7. Question: How much does the preparatory course cost?

Answer: European providers offer a course 1500-1800 euros and more. The course, which starts on August 5, 2023, is offered at a discount and its cost is UAH 15,000. In the future, keep track of the price under CPRE Preparation Courses

8. Question: What will the certificate give me?

Answer: International recognition as a specialist to work with requirements. The certificate is recognized in many countries around the world. The certificate increases your chances of promotion or receiving a project as an IT Business Analyst. The more important thing is not even the certificate itself, but the knowledge you get during the training course.

9. Question: What is the format of the exam?

Answer: online form. The duration of the exam is 75 minutes with questions where you must choose one or more correct answers. It is explained in more details within the preparatory course.

10. Question: What do I get after successfully passing the exam?

Answer: A certificate of completion that is reliable to you by e-mail and it will be possible to share it in social networks, mobile wallet, add to CV and add to The certificate cannot be forged because your personal record is stored in the system and has a unique identifier.

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