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Purpose of the CPRE IREB Preparation course is to improve and enhace knowledge at Requirements Engineering (RE) to pass CPRE IREB certification successfully. The course includes Theory, Practice and Exam questions.

Target audience: 

  • Business analysts (newcommers, Junior, Middle level)

  • QAs

  • Project managers

Format: Online

Possible language: ENG, UA, RU

Output: Certification of completion

Basic European Price for the similar course: 1200 - 1800 euro

Our courses are cheaper with full program coverage.

Price for CPRE IREB Certification based on ISQI is 190 $

(more details

You are able to take part in a preparation course within a group or individually (send me a request or fill in registration form). Language: ENG, UA, RU

For more details please visit our calendar with offers for trainings and prices.

Educational Unit (EU)
Recommended Time for mastering
EU 1
Introduction and Overview
1 hour
EU 2
Fundamental Principles of RE
1 hour 30 min
EU 3 [Part 1]
[Part 1] Work Product and Documentation practices
3 hours
EU 3 [Part 2]
[Part 2] Work Product and Documentation practices
4 hours
EU 4
Practices for Requirements Elaboration
4 hours 30 min
EU 5
Process and Working Structure
1 hour 15 min
EU 6
Management practices for Requirements
2 hours
EU 7
Tools Support
30 min

The Course Structure

The Structure of our course covers all seven European Modules that are recommended to pass the certification by IREB

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